How to help when you see warning signs of suicide risk from someone you know?

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Sending a warning signal is a signal for help. Therefore, when you see those warning signs suicide. What we all should do is. You can help people about mind and body.

  1. Show a sincere willingness to help or give advice.
  2. Admit that what was posted was really his problem ทางเข้า ufabet
  3. Give encouragement, create hope, show that problems can be solved and passed.
  4. Type a message for advice Consolation to be mindful and slowly think of ways to solve problems.
  5. Invite them to come out and do activities outside. Don’t let yourself be alone.
  6. If you are not a family member Tell relatives to come take care of you closely.
  7. Recommend channels for counseling, such as the mental health hotline 1323 or counseling clinics.
  8. Reach out to local help resources as much as possible.

Additionally, for general suicide prevention methods. Please keep an eye out for warning signs around you. If you find yourself feeling sad, depressed, bored, bored, separated, thinking in circles, unable to sleep. Looking at the world in a negative way. don’t want to live. Have thoughts of wanting to die Hopeless in life which is a symptom of depression and a sign of a risk of suicide Hurry and talk to help and be ready to listen. Just listen to each other with understanding, without judgment, and let us talk and vent our feelings to relieve the suffering in our hearts. This will create encouragement, comfort, and enable us to move on with our lives. Because listening is the best power.