dragon tiger

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Dragon Tiger, another betting game that is very popular. The card game will have a play style that is similar to playing Baccarat online.

Rules for playing

In placing bets, you can choose to place 3 types of bets, that is, draw, tiger, win, dragon, win.
In each game, you will have only 25-50 seconds to place bets, depending on the table and website you choose to play. Before the dealer stops accepting bets and reveals the cards, the score of each card K = 13, Q = 12, J = 11, A = 1, otherwise the card score is calculated according to the number on the card.

The decision of losing and winning will look at the number of points of cards on each side And the dealer will deal one card on each side. In order to measure the horoscope that Which side of the card will have more points? ทางเข้า UFABET

If the result is a tie (Tie) , you bet on the card slot, Dragon Tiger, analysis of the key points to win. tiger or dragon Will lose only 50% of the stake, for example, you bet on a dragon 100 baht, but the result is a draw. You will only lose 50, leaving only 50 baht change.