Handsome, big, jumping to protect ‘Ramsdale’ under criticism

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Bacary Sagna is confident Aaron Ramsdale will remain Arsenal’s No 1 this season, even if the Gunners are keen on David Raya

. Guarding the post at the Emirates Stadium with a loan contract With an option to buy for £27m,

Mikel Arteta wants to increase competition for goalkeepers. Made him sign a contract with Raya to join the army. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“I don’t understand why people criticize Aaron Ramsdale, they have to remember how well he’s been since he joined the club,” Sagna told Paddy Power. “He’s a goalkeeper of top quality

. and will continue to be Arsenal’s number one Even if they signed David Raya

′′ Ramsdale has good feet and of course sometimes he makes mistakes playing from the back. But that’s part of the game.”

“You have to let the players take risks and Ramsdale is like that, he gets tackled a lot but that’s part of the game – it doesn’t diminish his incredible performance since joining Arsenal. “

If you want to be champions now, you need top players, and the goalkeeper position is no different. They need a back up because who can replace Ramsdale if he’s injured?” “

It’s not that the back up isn’t good enough. But you need a top goalkeeper and Ramsdale has really shined since joining the club, and Raya is a good player as well

. That’s amazing, but they also have Stefan Ortega who’s great and has a really good footwork too! You have to have a competitive squad and don’t be afraid to compete for places.”