Jurgen Klopp claims Sadio Mane can play until the age of 40

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Jurgen Klopp, Normal manager Liverpool’s Day believes former team Sadio Mane will be able to play until the age of almost 40,

the Senegal international. Decided to move to Bayern Munich during the past summer. At a fee of around £35 million before his contract expires next year

, Klopp views Mane, 30, will continue to play at a high level for many years as he is in excellent physical condition.

The beer’s blood coach revealed that “he will play for a long time. He will play until the age of 38 39 because his physical condition is really crazy.”

“Bayern got really good players. We had him in the team for six years, which was fine. It shows that the whole This move works.”

He said: ‘He will play for ages. He can play until 40. With his body that is absolutely crazy. Bayern have a really good player and we had him for six years so that is fine and all showed that these kinds of transfers can work. the UFABET report

“I’ll use this as an example in the future. It’s really clear that sometimes in a relationship there needs to be a change.”

“In this case Sadio wanted [to leave] and we responded. We try to do our best, I’m perfectly fine with that, although we miss him.”