How to bet on tennis online UFABET

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The sport of tennis is evidenced that around the 13th century France played a game. That was the origin of the sport of tennis known as Le Jeu Du Paume. Or in English as The Game of the Palm ( Palm Games After that. It was switched to racquet as a playing device instead of using the palm. Currently, tennis has been modified to play rules. Including various playing equipment as seen today. Tennis is now a popular sport played all over the world. There are many competitions. From small competitions to major global competitions. And with it being a sport that is widely interested in UFABET. It has been opened to online tennis betting as well. The style of play is not difficult. Bet can be placed easily similar to football betting. Tennis online is another interesting option.

Counting the scores of tennis

  • in each game When either side scores The scores of that side will be counted in the following order. 15,30,40,games For example, the score is called 30-15 or 15-40, where the score that is called first is the score of the player serving.
  • If the scores of both players are tied at 40-40, the two players must continue the match for an additional 2 points called a deuce. Score more than your opponent by 2 points in a row to win.
  • A tie break is used when the scores of both players are tied at 6-6 games in the set. will have to play the 7th game as the decision game of the set Called playing a tie-break, in this tie-break game, the scores will be counted as 1, 2, 3,… and so on until either side who scores 7 points first will be the winner of that set. But if in this tie-break game, both players are tied at 6-6 points again, either player can lead the opponent by 2 points first and he will be the winner of the set.
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Online Tennis Betting Options

  • Odds and High and Low are bets that predict the outcome of winning and losing according to the specified odds.
  • Mix parlay is a step bet. or placing multiple bets in one bill according to the specified price
  • Winner Predict is a bet on the team that will be the 1st winner of an event.

How to choose an online tennis bet?

  • ML Betting (Money Line) is the selection of bets to predict the outcome of the match on which side will win. without any odds at all In addition to the different water prices.
  • HDP Betting (Handicap) is a selection of bets on the outcome of a match. which side will be the winner of the competition There will be odds that the system has set. The red player is the handicap. The black player is the side with the secondary points. The handicap that is given will be counted as the number of sets. where the competition
  • An O/U (Over-Under) bet is a selection of bets on the total number of games played by both sides at the end of a full-time match. whether the total is higher or lower than the pre-determined odds
  • O/E (Even-Odd) Bets are bets on the outcome of a match based on the total number of points scored by both sides in the match whether it will be an even number or an odd number.