How to play Tiger, Dragon

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placing bets on Live casino games, there are 3 types of Tiger and Dragon cards, Dragon Tiger, Temple cards in one card!!! That is to stab, draw , tiger, dragon, and that one will be different from that. We therefore want you to learn about playing and betting in different ways.

Always bet

The tie bet You will win only when Both cards have the same score. which is very difficult Therefore, the payout rate of tie bets has a high payout rate. If you bet always win You will receive up to 8 times your bet from the amount you bet.

Betting on Dragon or Red

the dragon’s side It will be the side that receives the cards first. and have a chance to show the cards first It therefore makes this side of the card have a chance to know the score before that. and has a payout ratio of 1:1

Bet on Tiger or Blue

It is the side that receives the cards later. and will be able to reveal the cards later It is why this side has to be able to know beforehand. What cards did our competitors get? and has a payout ratio of 1:1

How to play Dragon Tiger cards

  1. when the game starts Members will be able to place bets that Which side will have a higher score, Tiger, Dragon or Tie?
  2. The dealer will deal 1 Dragon and 1 Tiger.
  3. When playing cards, points are counted from only one card. Which side has more points is considered winning and receiving the bet.
  4. No 2nd or 3rd card is called like Baccarat.

Advantages of Dragon Tiger

  1. The payout rate is generous and fair.
  2. There is a game page that is easy to understand.
  3.  There are quick wins and losses. Suitable for those who like the speed of gambling games.

Disadvantages of Dragon Tiger

  1. There is a lot of risk because the game is quite fast. If your luck is not good, you will lose it quickly as well.
  2. One card, less chance of winning, can’t call more cards May not be suitable for people who like to win long cards.
  3. The options to play are quite few. There are only 3 options. ทางเข้า UFABET