‘Juventus’ warms to collapse children’s uniforms 8-0

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Juventus play the traditional warm-up game. Destroyed his own youth team 8-0 by Kaio Jorge, the world’s Forgotten Spear, hitting a hat-trick, and Dusan Vlahovic Judd, it’s a tradition every year that “Zebra” will

play Fighting for a friendly match with a small set of shins This season, stepping up from the training ground to play at the Allianz Stadium among the overwhelming number of football fans,

Vlahovic started the real game as the first pre-season game. and immediately made two goals alone By killing the penalty, which was called by young Hans Kawiglia Then ricochet a free kick into the wall.

before the end of the first half big juventus Leaving another distance, with Moise Keane dragging around the defensive line into the penalty area and shooting a slight deflected shot into the goal

Early in the second half, Kaio. Who had been injured for a long time since February 2022. Was turned down and after only 5 minutes, unlocked. with a sharp volley throw ทางเข้า ufabet

In the 69th minute, Kaio added another score. By composing a full shot from the penalty line and then 10 minutes later. Scored a hat-trick from a single drop, finishing the score softly

before that. Akradiusz Milik was named on the scoreboard by collecting a corner shot. Narrow And at the end of the game, Dean Huijsen. An 18-year-old center back, hits a free kick to close the box 8-0.

After the game, a scene-stealing incident occurred when Juventus fans flocked to the field. As a shout-out to Romelu Lukaku, the troubled spear the club is interested in,

Max Allegri’s side have one more friendly on Saturday against league mates Atalanta before next week. Played the season opener away to Udinese.